“The Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas”

5. What is suggested by the locked, dark cellar in which the child sits is that the dark cellar is the bad side of Omela. The cellar is a dark room where they keep the evil or the bad things away from getting out to the city of Omela and ruining everyone else’s happiness. The room is a symbol of bad vibes nut in this case is a symbol of bad luck in which for example, if the kid gets out to the city of Omela the happiness of everyone else suffers just because of one human being. Other details in the story that are symbolic has to be ┬áthe lock, which is a symbol to keep something in without letting it out or trying to hide something to not be seen by others.

6. Yes, I do find implied criticism of our own society in the story. “Only pain is intellectual, only evil interesting”(232). In our society today, it relates because many people do care more about their own happiness without even thinking of others getting hurt. “But to praise despair is to condemn delight, to embrace violence is to lose hold of everything else”(232). In this quote it relates to our society because many people tend to just try put away the problems and just forget about them and live a happy life. People try to live happy but not knowing the guilt or consequences behind the problem.


Journal Response “Curfew”

In “Curfew” the setting provides a lot of what kind of mood and direction the authors trying to set in the story. The atmosphere of this story has some boredom and repetitive because at the beginning where he says that in the cafe he sees the same people everyday right after rehearsals where they say the same words every time. Also, the atmosphere of this story shows loneliness since the streets seemed to be lonely at night and no people tend to be up especially that at night many bad things tend to happen. This certain story’s setting starts off at a hotel named “Hotel Tuzla”, where the surroundings seem to be lonely, dark, and dangerous especially that this story takes place at night. The setting then changes to a party in the hotel and then moving to the bathroom where the friend named Elvis gives the main character some pills (drugs) which he takes. Then leading where he is outside under a car hiding from the cops where the cops are having a cigarette and he’s waiting for them to go so they don’t catch him and take him to jail for being outside late passed his curfew. He makes a run for it and tries to make it to his house with out the cops catching him but unfortunately they catch him and grabs him by the wrist and gets shot by some stun gun. But it’s weird since he wakes up not in jail but on the floor in his house, making it seem like it was all a dream. My process of this story is that having a curfew might be good if the law won’t use some type of violence because in this case in this story he tries everything so that the cops don’t catch him and how he says that he swears to god that the cops shot him with some stun gun. It seemed the cops were taking advantage of using force which they didn’t need to. I think it was just more the fact that he didn’t want to go to jail because he could’t afford to go to jail or spend the night there.